KAZA Transfrontier Conservation Area

Travelling in the KAZA TFCA is an incredible experience for any adventure enthusiast. The landscape offers unique wilderness experiences from wetlands to dry lands systems.


The KAZA TFCA offers breath-taking attractions ranging from the river systems to vast wilderness attractions spanning the five KAZA partner countries. These tourism assets provide aesthetic appeal and tranquility to tourists. Additionally, the spectacular wildlife found in the wetlands and the dry land ecosystems provide an unparalleled African safari experience.


The thundering Victoria Falls, Ngoye Falls, the Okavango Delta, and rock paintings of the Tsodilo Hills are among the natural wonders of the KAZA TFCA, offering unique tourism attractions that will melt your heart with joy.


The rich history and cultural diversity of the KAZA region will touch any traveller and create a strong bond with the region and its friendly people. The cultural diversity across the KAZA landscape, epitomized by beating of the drums and traditional dances punctuated by the African rhythm, will leave a long-lasting memory for tourists visiting the region.


Experience the tranquility of the KAZA landscapes and its diverse wildlife. Enjoy the thrill of the wilderness; laid-back safari drives; boat cruises along the Zambezi, Okavango and Chobe rivers; bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls; camping among the African Big Five, and hearing the night calls of the African wildlife.

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